The RELATE Institute

Dr. Willoughby currently serves as the Director of the RELATE Institute.

RELATE was developed by the Marriage Study Consortium at Brigham Young University. Founded in 1979, the Marriage Study Consortium is a non-profit organization with the specific tasks of developing research and outreach tools that can be used directly with the public and that can be used to gather information about relationships. The consortium consists of a group of scholars, researchers, family life educators, and counselors from varied religious and educational backgrounds who are dedicated to strengthening and understanding premarital and marital relationships.

RELATE is the most comprehensive premarital/marital assessment available. The first version of this instrument was developed by Wesley R. Burr and was called Marital Inventories (1980). After 10 years of successful use with premarital couples it was replaced by the PREParation for Marriage (PREP-M), which was also primarily focused on the premarital relationship. In the fall of 1997, RELATE was released. This new version of the questionnaire was designed for use with individuals or couples who are single and unattached, steady dating, engaged, cohabiting, married, or contemplating remarriage. Tens of thousands of couples and individuals have benefited from these questionnaires during the past 20 years.

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Brian J. Willoughby, Ph.D.